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SICRA™ - A Disruptive Technology

The SICRA™ platform has the potential to be a major disruption to an existing, large and growing aquaculture market because it supports the controlled recreation of sophisticated biological environments at a commercial scale.  This increases fish health and value by optimizing the living and growing conditions.

The platform includes a number of proprietary design and construction elements including, amongst other things: far superior filtration capacity, the application of advanced fluid dynamics, and single-step pumping to reduce energy consumption and costs. This is all delivered using infrastructure sourced from the world's leading aquaculture technology companies.

SICRA™ units are highly secure, mitigating the risk of air- or water-borne contaminants. 

The SICRA™ platform also integrates advanced fluid dynamics into its design.  The water flow throughout the whole system, reconfigured for different species groups, is designed to maximize fish health taking into account physical activity requirements, eating habits, size of fecal waste and other considerations. The phrase “Healthy Fish, Happy Fish” plays a role in SICRA™ principles.  Unhealthy fish are unhappy, stressed, and this affects their taste.  Healthy fish grow their best in ideal conditions, and this includes providing areas in the water column for them to rest, eat, and be active.

Water flow in the SICRA™ platform simultaneously assists with tank cleaning and filtration processes, using centripetal forces (like the little whirlpool that forms when you drain the bathtub) to remove solid waste (uneaten food and faecal matter) from the system.  The design of the platform allows gravity and fluid dynamics to reduce pumping requirements and costs.

These design components significantly reduce the overhead costs of running the platform and, coupled with and large-scale rainwater harvesting on site, deliver an almost unbreakable level of redundancy against system failure. The SICRA™ platform requires as little as 1% daily water exchange/replacement, and any effluent we take out is dewatered and reused elsewhere.

Compare these features to the risk of exposure to Red Tide/algal bloom events, typhoons and tsunamis, ocean temperature fluctuations, oil spills, pollution and disease and to the inefficiencies inherent in open water aquaculture.

Competitive Advantage

  • Provides a high degree of risk mitigation in an environment which is disease free, pathogen free, contaminant free and toxin free;
  • Provides superior growth rates and far lower mortality rates than existing aquaculture methods, with improved feed conversion rates and significantly better performance and reliability;
  • Delivers high yields per gallon/litre of water used, and per unit of energy used;
  • Is modular and scalable; 
  • Has  close to zero discharge with low water usage, re-using water with advanced mechanical and biological treatment between each use;
  • Can provide a reliable supply of clean healthy seafood product grown in a 100% secure and clean environment;
  • Fish are guaranteed free of cyanide, ciguatera, and pollution-based toxins;
  • Year round production with greatest degree of control;
  • Extremely low carbon footprint with less than 10% of energy coming from the 'grid';
  • Can grow Marine Reef Fish species out to ‘market size’ in up to half the time taken in sea-cage systems;
  • Low environmental impact;
  • Higher return on investment with faster and more reliable cash flows, and lower wastage/stock loss, than any other existing aquaculture process.

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