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Enjoy some media content from the web that talks about the issue of overfishing and wild stock depletion, and the dire consequences if we don't do something about it. 

To see some examples of how these problems can be addressed, click here

Dr. Sylvia Earle - Sustainable Seas, The Vision, The Reality


Overfishing - The consequences

OVERFISHING animation from Katja Dylla on Vimeo.

Our seas under threat - from Jason Drew "The Protein Crunch"

Increased demand and the sheer efficiency of industrial fishing techniques have led to the collapse of some fisheries like that of the grand banks and its once teeming cod population. Many species such as tuna remain under threat. Fishing on the Sea of Galilee has been banned, as there are almost no fish left. Over 300 oxygen free 'dead zones' caused by pollution from river estuaries have reduced the area of sea available for fishing.
The only full size fish are farmed ones fed on smaller fish caught at sea. We have already eaten their parents


Overfishing - A Global Crisis

Global and European Fisheries Map

A new WWF study shows for the first time the global expansion of fishing activity, from 1950 to the present, through an animated map. It clearly shows that European Union fishing fleets have expanded beyond European waters exploiting new fishing ground since 1980 and increasing the pressure on fish stocks.

Overfishing. Japan is straining the Worlds resources

Overfishing and more: SEA THE TRUTH -- In 2048 The Oceans Will Be Empty!

Japan's overfishing depleting international stocks, from Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV, 2007


 Ocean: by Sarosh Jacob

"The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."
-Jacques Cousteau 

With global-warming, over-fishing and pollution, our seas are in a real state of crisis these days. I hope this film reminds people of the magnificent beauty within our ocean and the importance of protecting it. The footage was shot on dives made in Bonaire and Palau during 2011. Thank you for watching.