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Due to the production and operation needs of our company, we are recruiting the following personnel from the society (those with working experience are preferred) :

1. Foreign trade supervisor (working place: Jinhua Building, Maigao Bridge, Nanjing, with experience is preferred)

2. 10 foreign trade salesmen (working location: Jinhua Building, Maigao Bridge, Nanjing, college degree or above, CET-4 or above, major in Business and Trade is preferred)

3. 20 domestic e-commerce companies (working place: Caodian Town, Baoying County, with a high school degree or above)

4. 2 CAD drafters (working location: 1 in Jinhua Building, Maigao Bridge, Nanjing, and 1 in Caodian Town, Baoying County)

Registration requirements: healthy, good conduct, age 20-45 years old, male or female


(1) Probation period of two months, formal admission after the employee treatment negotiable, sales staff have business commissions, other positions set up assessment award, and according to the national provisions of the relevant insurance payment.

② Specific matters can be discussed or telephone consultation.

Contact: Mr. Chen 13852567228

Telephone: 0514-88625818

Fax: 0514-88621369

Production base: Baoying County Caodian Town Industrial Concentration Area No.8 Third Ring Road

Nanjing Office: Room 2106, Jinhua Building, No. 289 Heyan Road, Qixia District, Nanjing

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