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Analysis of company development prospect of artificial turf industry

Release time:2021-04-26

With the rapid popularization of artificial grass in domestic use, a large number of foreign brand artificial grass are aggressively to enter the Chinese market, and in this environment, the home also gradually appeared by foreign equipment and strong technical support, and to establish a large-scale modern production base of plastic fake grass production and sales in the integration of national enterprises. These characteristics have led to the rapid development of artificial turf in China, where users have adopted it within a short period of time, even though it became popular a decade later than in Europe. In addition to schools, many professional sports centers in China, such as: Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other areas have used artificial turf as the main playground.

At present, artificial turf has been deeply campus, units, stadiums and other public places like like. At the same time, because the artificial grass carpet can not only prevent slippery, dust removal, easy to clean, and looks like grass, have the feeling of greening, start now become common furniture furnishings, for ordinary people like, therefore, the market prospect of the artificial turf is widely anticipated, this is also the reason of domestic manufacturer of artificial turf constantly emerging.

For the low-end lawn in shopping malls, the quality of the lawn is gradually unable to meet the demand because the shopping malls have higher and higher requirements on the quality of the products. And good artificial turf can be comparable to imported products in quality, far higher than low-end grass, and far lower than imported turf in price, affordable for the masses, is the so-called "world quality, domestic price", it is to adapt to the needs of the law of things to develop, so it has a huge space for development. At present, the development of the market is also gradually tending to this level.

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