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Aquanue:  A Game-changing aquaculture business!! 



SICRA™ (Super Intensive Closed Recirculating Aquaculture) is a proven aquaculture platform that has been developed over the past 42 years. Each installation is designed specifically around the biology of the target species to deliver superior growth rates and extremely low mortality.  In the case of warm water finfish, SICRA™ can grow high-value luxury grouper to market size in half the time and with an expected mortality rate of one twentieth that of sea cage production.

The SICRA™ System is the only system proven to support the sustainable land-based production of groupers and other tropical marine food fish.  The business is modular, scalable, organic, and has a low environmental footprint.

Aquanue intends to become the world’s first major regular supplier of intensively-farmed live groupers for the Hong Kong-based US$1billion Live Reef Food Fish trade, and of whole chilled fish for the growing Middle East market – using the SICRA™ platform.

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The Technology

The core technology behind Aquanue is a highly controlled and managed biological ecosystem called SICRA™, proven at domestic scale with installations of early systems in several countries.  SICRA™ matches fish biology to system configuration to deliver better-than-nature results.

Aquanue’s SICRA™ platform provides extremely good growth rates, and far lower mortality rates than existing aquaculture methods.  It is 3.3 times more productive for grouper than intensive open-water systems and delivers a higher return on investment, faster cash flows, and lower wastage/stock loss than any other existing aquaculture process for tropical marine species.  

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